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Kay, Jake &  T.J. Clark
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Meet Wyoming Wilderness Outfitting
Professional Guides & Crew

Our experienced and professional guides are knowledgeable about the game and how they move in the areas you will be hunting. They will use their expertise to assist you in connecting with the game of your choice. Our guides are capable of walking for the advantage of getting you to your game or they will travel by horse or mule to get you to the area where the game may be. We urge our guides to hunt in the manner best and easiest for the hunter. We pride ourselves in providing our hunters with the opportunity to get them to their game by having a reasonable distance and clear shot at their game.

Remember, our guides have experience hunting these areas and are very good judges of distance.  They will advise you of the distance to your game.  We are very familiar with the terrain and have some good open areas which some of our hunters are not accustomed to hunting.  Many hunters that are not used to hunting in open areas have a very hard time judging the distances.  Please rely on your guides judgment.


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You might even see our guides in their favorite events at the Cody Nite Rodeoshowing nightly at 8 pm from June u ntil September.

Visit Our American Saddle Mule Website Below.

Jake Clark's Mule Days

We also provide a cook and wrangler on the majority of our trips. The cooks have been in the hills and cooked over a campfire to bring them the expertise to provide you with great mountain meals. We serve a hot breakfast, generally consisting of pancakes, French toast or eggs; bacon, sausage or ham; and sometimes biscuits and gravy or hash browns. Lunch will generally be a sandwich, fruit, candy bar and/or cookies and juice. On the fall hunting tent camp trips, you may have soup, if you come in for lunch. Dinner may be ranchers rib steaks, chicken parmesan, barbecued country style pork ribs, smothered pork loin; broccoli, corn, green beans or pork and beans; mountain fried potatoes and onions, mashed potatoes or rice and gravy; salad, cake, pies, cookies, or brownies.

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Wyoming Wilderness Outfitters Activities are conducted on Private Ranch Lands, United States Forest Service Lands (USFS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and Yellowstone National Park (YNP). We are a licensed and bonded as Wyoming Backcountry Adventures DBA Wyoming Wilderness Outfitters and Jake Clark #BG178.
Wyoming Backcountry Adventures
1134 Road 14, Powell , WY 82435
Ranch Phone: (307) 754-4320
Wyoming Outfitter License #BG178
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