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Hunting Whitetail & Mule Deer in Wyoming

Our mule deer and whitetail hunting takes you to either the high country bucks or to the private ranches, where the largest numbers of deer in northern Wyoming flourish. A good example of the type of bucks we like to take, and have taken, is pictured to the left. We offer both hunts by horseback and four wheel-drives.

Whitetail Hunting Area - Devil's Tower near Sundance is renowned for its Whitetail hunting. The area is rich with the habitat in which the whitetail flourishes.

We ask that you call and visit about what you are looking for and how we might help you. We hunt on U.S. Forest Service Lands in conjunction with private ranches we lease.

Whitetail Hunting Area – Region A and some specific areas in the Devil's Tower area near Sundance is renowned for its Whitetail hunting. We will be staying at the local hotels and hunt from them.  All hunts will originate from vehicles.

Mule Deer Hunting Area – Region F, E, B, and A, and within these are also specific area’s that we hunt.  We hunt a good ranch on the eastern side of Wyoming and will only hunt 6 mule deer per year.  We also hunt the U.S. Forest Service Lands hunting from mules and getting off the road to the high country. We will be staying at the local hotels and hunt from them.

The Mule Deer, while closely related to the eastern species of the white-tailed deer, are remarkably distinct in their biological, ecological, and behavioral attributes. Mule Deer have large ears that move constantly and independently, from whence they get their name, "Mule" or "Burro Deer."

Mule Deer are active primarily in mornings, evenings and moonlit nights. During the middle of the day, the Mule Deer beds down in a cool, secluded place. The mature buck seems to prefer rocky ridges for bedding grounds, while the doe and fawn is more likely to bed down in the open. Mule Deer is an excellent swimmer, but water is rarely used as a means of escaping predators.

The annual cycle of antler growth in Mule Deer is initiated and controlled by changes in day length acting on several cell types of the anterior pituitary. While unable to detect motionless objects, Mule Deer is extraordinarily sensitive to moving objects. The Mule Deer sense of hearing is also extremely acute. For Native Americans and early European settlers, deer meat (venison) provided one of the most important sources of protein. Sport hunters kill about 1 million Mule Deer and 2 million White-tailed Deer annually.

whitetail deer

Deer Hunting Package

Deer Tent Camp Hunts
5 day hunt (Whitetail & Mulies)
1 guide for 2 hunters

Deer Ranch & BLM Hunts
5 day hunt (Whitetail & Mulies)
1 guide for 2 hunters
(1 guide can be arranged for each additional hunt)

You might even see our guides in their favorite events at the Cody Nite Rodeo showing nightly at 8 pm from June until September.

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