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General Hunting Information

  1. Getting Into Shape - We strongly recommend that you prepare yourself by hiking, preferably up and down hills, wearing the boots you intend to hunt in. Being in shape will greatly increase your chances of getting your game.
  2. Colored Clothing - All hunters are required by Wyoming law to wear one or more outer garments of fluorescent orange. A cap is permitted.
  3. After Filling Tags - You may be asked by the camp boss not to go with the hunters once your tag is filled. This is to allow the horses and mules a chance to rest.
  4. Number of Hunters - There is a a maximum number of 8 hunters per hunt per camp on any forest service camp. We try to limit our hunts to no more than 6 hunters per hunt per camp.
  5. Game Care - Packing companies in nearby towns will cool your game, process it, cut, wrap and freeze it overnight if you wish. Overnight freezing is extra, so you may allow one extra day if you wish to have it processed in time to leave. They also will make sausage, bologna, etc. More information is available from us when you arrive. Your game will be delivered to your vehicle at the trailhead or can be delivered at the meat packing company in the nearest town.
  6. Tipping the Crew - We hire the best crew that we can find.  Due to the local economy our crew works for us for what we consider minimum wage.  Their bonus consists of the tips they receive from the guests for a job well done.  As with T.I.P (To Indicate Professionalism) the tips are up to the clients and depend on the quality of service that is received.
    The crew works their best to receive a tip and give them the acknowledgment of a job well done.  As a rule of thumb, 15%-25% of the price of your hunt is not an uncommon tip to be split between the crew.
  7. License Application Types:  We recommend that you apply for the Special Elk License with Preference Point.  We have found that this is (generally) a 100% success of drawing a general license if you have not accumulated any preference points as yet.  If you have accumulated preference points and depending on the area you are applying for and what the success for this area has been in the past; you may be able to apply for a regular Elk License with Preference Point and be (generally) assured that you will have a 100% success of drawing a general license.
  8. For those area's that require a limited quota license, please contact us prior to applying and we will attempt to help you apply with the highest opportunity of success.
  9. Preference Points: We highly recommend that you purchase a preference point when applying for a hunting license if applying January thru March or you can apply for only a preference point July 1 thru September 30. In order to have a higher success of drawing a license, the preference point may range from one point and higher depending on the species.
  10. Due to the success of draw with the Preference Point system, we are taking advance reservations.
  11. Deposits:  We require an initial deposit ($1,000) to hold hunting dates for future hunts.  We require the balance of a 50% deposit once you have drawn your license; and the balance in full for your hunt is due the morning of your hunt.
  12. Game & Fish Information Please go to this page to get specific information, a Wyoming license application form or to apply for a license online.
  13. REQUIRED:  Please note that if you were born after 1966 you are required to carry your Hunter Safety Card while hunting.
  14. REQUIRED:  Wyoming Conservation Stamp All hunters must have a conservation stamp in their possession.  You will not receive this stamp with your license.  You will need to pick this stamp up when you arrive in Wyoming at one of the local sporting goods stores.

You might even see our guides in their favorite events at the Cody Nite Rodeo showing nightly at 8 pm from June until September.

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