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Wyoming Shiras Moose Hunts

Although the wolves have heavily impacted the moose population in the hunting area's surrounding Yellowstone National Park, we still have 2 area's that are producing some tremendous trophies because the predators haven't highly impacted these area's yet.
The Shiras moose also known as Wyoming moose, is the smallest of North America's moose however it is still quite large, The Shiras Bull Moose has smaller antlers than the Canada moose. The Shiras cow moose are slightly smaller than the male and does not have antlers. The bulls can grow to seven feet tall at the shoulder and can reach10 feet in length. Mature Shira's moose weigh 600 to 1400 pounds. The cow moose weigh between 500 and 1200 pounds. Bull Moose have antlers that can span five feet and weigh up to 50 pounds.

Moose are browsers and feed on leaves twigs, bark, and buds of trees and shrubs. In the summer moose feed heavily on aquatic plants and can often be found with their head under water eating something off the bottom of a pond. Moose will eat about 50 pounds of food a day. In the winter the best place to look for them is in the bogs that are rich in the willow bushes they thrive on in winter.

When Hunting for moose look both on the forested lowlands, lower mountain elevations and canyon bottoms. They can often be found in or near water, grazing on aquatic plants or willows. When you find a promising area, head out in the mornings and evenings to glass likely moose spots, such as willow stands lake shores, mountain meadows, and other forest openings. During the day, moose climb to vantage points to rest in the shade. During the fall hunting season, keep on the lookout for rubbed trees and pellet-like moose droppings called moose nuggets.

Some say the most exciting and way to hunt moose is to call them in, bull moose are particularly active and vulnerable during the rut, all they have is one thing on their mind and it isn't safety. Good weapons for hunting moose include rifles of 300 caliber of better, black powder firearms, and archery equipment. Black powder and archery often give you and advantage of earlier seasons before the general hunt.

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You might even see our guides in their favorite events at the Cody Nite Rodeo showing nightly at 8 pm from June until September.

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