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Wyoming Wild Turkey Springtime Hunts

Wyoming Spring Turkey Hunting
Population & Subspecies 12,600 - Merriam's, Rio Grande,  plus hybrids

spring turkey

The Merriam Wild Turkey has unique coloration. It is black with blue, purple and bronze reflections. White feathers on the lower back and tail feather margins distinguish the Merriam from other subspecies of turkey. Merriam’s appear to have a white rump due to pinkish buff, or whitish tail coverts and tips. The tail feathers are very conspicuous when the gobbler struts against a dark background. Toms have black-tipped breast feathers, while the hens exhibit buff tips.  

During spring snow melt they again move up slope following the snow line and breeding activity begins. Toms begin to gobble and form harems. After mating, hens move into denser habitat at higher elevation to lay and incubate eggs. Toms and hens are not usually seen together except during the breeding season which is late March to early June. The onset of breeding is heralded by the commencement of gobbling as the temperatures warm in the spring.

wyoming wild turkey

Spring Turkey Package

Spring Wild Turkey
April 11 - May 20th

3 day hunt-fully guided
(1 on 2) $950

3 day hunt-unguided $600
Meals & Motel are hunters responsibility.

You might even see our guides in their favorite events at the Cody Nite Rodeo shows nightly from June until September.

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