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Suggested Equipment Checklist For Summer Trips

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    1. You need your slicker or rain gear of some type for those cold wet summer showers. Make sure it is of good quality that won’t tear when brushed by tree limbs.
    2. Don’t forget your camera & lots of film, the right size.
    3. Cowboy hat, preferably felt hat to turn the rain and wind. Straw hats go real fast in the wind and you will spend a lot of time chasing it around if you’re on flat ground.
    4. Cowboy boots for riding, to keep your feet in the stirrups. Some type of camp shoes for the evening if you are not used to walking around in cowboy boots.
    5. Chaps, chinks, or leggings are suggested but not required. Every good cowboy needs them for the rain, warmth, and to protect them against the brush and other sharp objects.
    6. Spray type bear repellent can be bought in Cody for $20-$50 each. This is a requirement for everyone.
    7. You will want to bring along an extra change of clothes and your own personal toiletry supplies. Long johns or ladies panty hose for the days we ride a lot may keep you from being so battered and rubbed by the new denim jeans.
    8. A nice warm medium jacket will probably be good enough for this time of years cool evenings. They may get down to 40 degrees.
    9. Some sunscreen and Chap Stick will help protect you from the elements. Our days may only get 75 degrees but with the high elevation you will have a tendency to burn easier.
    10. Insect repellent is wise as mosquitoes and horse flies may get bad.
    11. Be sure to bring your own personal medicine and let us know if you have
      allergies to or cannot eat any specific kinds of foods.
    12. Sunglasses are great for the afternoon bright sun.
    13. Bring along a scarf for warmth and use as a dust filter if needed.
    14. A flashlight is nice. There is no light switch out under our stars in case mother nature calls in the middle of the night.
    15. A pair of gloves is nice for those cold frosty mornings and will help to
      protect your hands from the rough work you may want to participate in.
    16. You are welcome to bring your own favorite brand of ‘frost repellent’ for the after hours relaxation but we ask that good judgment be used. (Jack Daniel’s, Jose’ Quervo, etc.)
    17. Fishing Equipment (all rods must be in hard type carrying cases as short as possible.

      REQUIREMENT: The above articles must fit into a soft bag or duffel and not weigh over 35 pounds.

      Last but not least, you need a sleeping bag, back pack type, along with your sleeping pad or air mattress.

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