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General Information About Summer Trips

Thank You for visiting our website here at Wyoming Wilderness Outfitters. It is our goal to provide you and your family or friends with a unique and memorable summer adventure. There are standard summer trip packages to choose from or you may have your own ideas and we do our best to make this one of the best vacation experience of a lifetime. We will suggest the trip to best fit your needs, based on our experience & professional knowledge.  We provide the tepees, pack and riding animals, saddles, wrangler and cooks with a kitchen. You only need your personal gear as shown in the list of items to bring.

WRANGLERS & COOK - Our cooks have been in the hills and will cook over a open campfire to bring your party traditional mountain meals. If you have special dietary needs we will do our best to accommodate. We generally serve a rather large breakfast to start the days summer adventure. Lunch will usually be a hot sandwich, snacks with some high energy carbohydrates to get you along the trail. Dinner are your standard meat, potatoes, vegetables and dessert. You will be amazed at the things we can cook over an open fire and it is a long standing mountain tradition our cooks take pride in doing for our guest.

All Summer Trips begin on Monday, unless otherwise per-arranged with Jake or Kay Clark. Jake personally handles all summer trips and your party will love to here his stories along the trail. Special dates and itineraries can be arranged with Wyoming Wilderness Outfitters. Due to scheduling, some trips may not be available for your request. So plan ahead, to ensure the best possible choice for you and your friends or family.

Step back in time – Ride with Wyoming Wilderness Outfitters.

TYPES OF TRIPS - We offer progressive trips or travel into a stationary camp and stay for the duration.

Moving Trips - Ride each day generally 10-15 miles and travel through the spectacular Wyoming Wilderness Backcountry. Travel the same trails that John Colter and Jim Bridger traveled over a century ago. This is the horseback riding you've been waiting for.

Stationary Camp - This camp allows those that don't enjoy riding numerous miles to enjoy our Wyoming Wilderness by relaxing in camp, reading a good book, taking your own day hike, or mastering the stream fishing with a fly or casting rod. The remaining horseback riding enthusiasts may take daily trips along the different trails around camp.

Drop Camp - For those of you who wish to do it yourself. We will pack you and your gear into the area of your choice. We will charge $65 per pack or riding animal used and $200 per wrangler, which includes his riding animal per day. One wrangler per each 6 pack or riding animals. Total maximum of 20 miles is considered one day, this would include 10 miles in, and 10 miles back out. You will also be charged for the mileage to and from the trail head from our ranch.

Yellowstone Park Trips – are taken with a maximum of 9 guests, additional guests require special Park approval. The Park requires campsite permits be applied for through their reservation system beginning January 1st on a first-come first-serve drawing basis. The maximum number of days to stay in one campsite is three days. For trips more than 3 nights, the camp must be moved to a second campsite.

Cowboy Riding: Trips by request only. These trips are scheduled especially for the riding enthusiast.

You will find yourself riding 4 to 7 hours each day. These trips take you from one drainage to another, where you will encounter all types of trails with the opportunity to see an abundance of wildlife, including wolves and grizzly bear; spectacular scenery and enjoy great fishing.

For Particular Details See Our Packages Presented Independently Above On The Drop Down Menu.
Trips Will Be Defined As To Riding Abilities Needed, Location And Expectations.

Trips begin on Monday
(unless otherwise prearranged)

Special dates & itineraries upon request

Due to scheduling, some trips
may not be available for your
dates requested.

Wyoming Wilderness Outfitters Activities are conducted on Private Ranch Lands, United States Forest Service Lands (USFS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and Yellowstone National Park (YNP). We are a licensed and bonded as Wyoming Backcountry Adventures DBA Wyoming Wilderness Outfitters and Jake Clark #BG178.

You might even see our guides in their favorite events at the Cody Nite Rodeo showing nightly at 8 pm from June until September.

We reserve the right to add additional guests to your group unless prior arrangements have been made
for limited participant trip. Due to scheduling, some trips may not be available for your dates requested.

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